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About Us

Local, craft, small-batch
Based out of Venice, CA, we are a family owned and operated organization that was formed in 2018.

Our Company

Our company is built on the idea to improve the quality standard of the hemp industry by offering a premium supplement line for consumers to feel better naturally. Through strong partnerships with retailers and consistently high-quality supplements; we aim to be an industry leader in quality and service. We value holistic remedies to benefit overall health and wellness in adults of all ages. We practice ethical responsibility as a partner within our industry and communities through total compliance to local regulation. Our hope is to provide as many consumers as possible with the most beneficial hemp derived experience that improves their overall quality of life

Our Roots

As the Zephyr (Z-Boys) Surf Team of the mid-70’s from Santa Monica and Venice Beach (later dubbed Dogtown), revolutionized skateboarding to the sport we know it as today; we adopt the same level of innovation and ambition within our organization as we go to business in the hemp industry, similarly founded in Dogtown (Venice, CA).

The name of our organization is not just relevant to where our company was born, but also homage to the free-spirited mentality of those who originally founded “Dogtown” and still live here today. We always intend to maintain the “local, craft, small-batch” feel and focus within our supplements and packaging. Our supplements are intended for those with high standards, those who appreciate excellence; for a quality enthusiast.

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