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Born in Venice, CA

Superior Hemp Wellness

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    where excellence meets responsibility

    Elevate your health journey with us

    We blend Venice’s vibrant spirit with our commitment to high-quality, socially responsible hemp supplements. Each product is crafted for your ultimate satisfaction and well-being, ensuring you feel rejuvenated with every use.

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    About Dogtown

    Who we are
    Based out of Venice, CA, we are a family owned and operated organization that was formed in 2018. We source the highest quality hemp-derived, products from sustainable sources in Southern California. Our mission is to set the quality standard for the hemp-derived industry through strong partnerships with retailers and consistently superior products that allow our consumers to relieve stress and feel better.

    Customer Testimonials

    “The gummies are fantastic. They really help me fall asleep fast.”

    – Michael, Bermuda Dunes
    “I have a lot of anxiety and the vapes and tinctures keep me relaxed and calm all day long.”
    – Jeannine, Pasadena
    “In the midst of my cancer journey, Dogtown’s hemp-derived products have been a saving grace. Their gummies provide a sweet reprieve from treatment-induced nausea and anxiety, making each day more manageable.”
    – Arthur, Santa Monica
    “I struggled to sleep until I discovered Dogtown’s live resin vape cartridges and nighttime gummies. I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.”
    – Dani, New York City
    “Approaching 75, the quest for quality sleep felt futile until Dogtown’s softgels entered my life. I now have a renewed sense of hope for restful sleep.”
    – Gladys, Palm Springs
    “My chihuahua’s arthritis pain was heartbreaking. Dogtown’s Pet Tincture has brought back her playful spirit, for which I’m incredibly grateful.”
    – Kristina, Beverly Hills