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Ultra-Premium Disposable Vaporizers

Ultra-Premium Disposable Vaporizers

  • Discreet, Smokeless and odorless; more social method of consumption
  • Well received in the recreational market
  • Fast Acting relief through inhalation
  • CCell brand hardware passes heavy metal testing and is most reliable on the market
  • Absolutely no additives, fillers, or artificial flavoring-ever.
  • Less consumption and less plant matter than traditional smoking
  • Highly concentrated for highest potency infused with hemp derived terpenes
  • (6) Unique Flavors available in both disposables and cartridges. We feature 2 indica, 2 hybrid and 2 sativa flavors.
  • Can be used as a cessation tool for tobacco
  • Disposables have battery included. Inhale Activated and rechargeable.
  • Disposables are available in half and full gram varieties.


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